11 Ways to Make your “Move”

After about two years of not having a permanent home because of the devastating effects of Superstorm Sandy, I am finally moving back to Sea Bright, NJ. During the rebuilding of my house, I lived at 675 Ocean Avenue in Long Branch; a high-rise style condominium complex known as “Harbour Mansion”. I made it my home during these two years, but it feels amazing to say I’m moving back to my beloved Sea Bright, NJ. During this moving process, I learned a couple things. Here are some suggestions to help you make your move:

1) Fill out any “change of address” requirements in a timely manner.

2) Research your utilities!

3) Take pictures of your new home to facilitate decorating.

4) Have a yard or garage sale to lighten the moving load and donate anything that doesn’t go.

5) Organize! Try a color coordination plan set for every different room.

6) Have a couple “First Day Bin(s)” to have all your essentials on the first day of moving out.

7) Practice minimalism when packing, ex. place spices in pots to save room in boxes/bins.

8) Tape off the spill-ables very securely.

9) Use phonebook paper for wrapping and protecting fragile items.

10) Label EVERYTHING. Organization is key.

11) Always have a sense of humor. No matter how well one prepares for a move, something is bound to go south because it is such a huge transportation process.

I hope these tips lighten your move and day.

Best Always,



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