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Supply and demand…..this is a common phrase that most everyone picks up on.  In the housing market if the supply of houses for sale is high, the prices are usually low; if the supply of houses for sale is low,the prices are high.  This is typical in any area of buying and selling.  I have been tracking certain towns to see how many houses are actively listed compared to 2009 and 2008.  I am doing a market watch and will post the number of active listings per town on the 14th of the month.  This will give both home sellers and buyers accurate information on just how many houses are coming on the market and also how many are going under contract.

Total Active Listings of Single Family Homes as of March 1, 2010:

Rumson                              82

Fair Haven                        51

Little Silver                       57

Atlantic Highlands         33

Highlands                           49

Sea Bright                           20

Monmouth Beach           37

Long Branch                    156

For complete details of listings please contact me.

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