Architect Helps Sandy Victims

Hurricane Sandy has devastated and left behind a wake of damages and displaced homeowners throughout the Shore area.  Some homeowners are battling with insurance companies and trying to cope with rebuilding, struggling to get “back home”.  What if your house needs to be elevated and is substantially damaged?  How would you know if you should elevate and renovate or demolish and rebuild.  Well, this is a question that numerous homeowners are facing in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

After much research, I came across a company who has modified their services to fit the needs of Hurricane Sandy victims.  To me, this is a life saver.  For 5 months now, I have been juggling and tossing around this question: Should I elevate and renovate; or, demolish and rebuild?  How would I know which is the best way to go…….well, I found my answer.  Yezzi Associates is working with homeowners who suffered substantial losses and has developed a plan to evaluate the damaged property site and deliver a report to the homeowner explaining their professional findings and recommendations.  This report costs $200 – I will be commenting further after I receive my report from Yezzi Associates in about 2 weeks so that I may elaborate on their services and communicate any other pertinent and relevant information.

Check out the website ….they wrote:We have reduced our rates* for architectural services related to storm damage, effective immediately and through June 30, 2013,……”

Yezzi Associates Architects & Planners

P: 732-240-3433  F: 732-240-3463

If you are in need of assistance due to Hurricane Sandy pleae feel free to contact me at 732-672-0409 or email at – I have been through the storm and have found out a lot of information along the way that might help.

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