Follow Up to Yezzi Architects Report

This is a follow up to my earlier post regarding Yezzi Associates and the report available for $200.00.  Yezzi Associates did come out to my property and conduct a detailed inspection.  I was somewhat disappointed since the report was basically a description of the house and the damages – with photos.  The unfortunate side of this is that I have similar reports; one from the structural engineer who did an inspection and sent me a report; and, another report from the flood adjuster showing and describing all the damages, not to mention the report I received from my builder who detailed and estimated all the damage at no charge.

The Yezzi report was emailed to me and I had to follow up to get a one on one meeting with them.  I did meet at their office but did not come away with any definitive answer to my dilemma.  I was anticipating the evaluation to be more to the point of whether or not I should elevate and renovate or demolish and rebuild.  I did not find my answer after all.  So, my advice is to leave this one alone and not spend the $200.  Yezzi Associates changed their website and the language has been tweeked.  Originally their website stated …..Yezzi Associates developed a plan to evaluate the damaged property site and deliver a report to the homeowner explaining their professional findings and recommendations”.  Now I realize that you must hire them to get the full scope which is only fair since the demand is overwhelming.

It seems as if every one I speak to has more work than they can handle.  This is a good thing for all the builders, architects, engineers, suppliers, etc. but not so good for the ones needing the help.  It is not a simple fix with so many factors weighing heavy on any decision you have to make if you are displaced and trying to get back “home”.

Waiting for the Homeowner Reconstruction Rehabilitation Elevation and Mitigation (RREM) Program is your best bet at the moment.  For further information on the grant program you can call 1-855-726-3946.  In my opinion, the longer you wait to tackle your project the better off you will be.  The $1.8 billion grant is still being worked on for the application process to run smoothly.  Register so that you will be notified when the details come out.  

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