Home Loans and Mortgage Interest Rates to Benefit Homeownership!

Home Loans and Mortgage Interest Rates to Benefit Homeownership! – Low interest rates have been around for some time and people are wondering if the mortgage interest rates are going to rise. There has been speculation of rising interest rates but for now the mortgage interest rates are still hovering around 4%. Click her for more information regarding interest rates for today’s market Mortgage Rates and More

A decision to buy or rent is a question that many potential home buyers have (Home Loans and Mortgage Interest Rates to Benefit Homeownership!) – this decision to “rent or buy” requires a lot of research on the subject, plus inquiries to loan officers and, of course, financial planners. I have noticed throughout my 25 years as a real estate broker that homeownership might not be right for everyone. There are families today that still rent because of personal reasons or financial ability.  I have worked with families and helped transition them from “rent to buy”.  See Up-To-Date Interest Rate Trending Below:

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There are many benefits to homeownership, such as providing shelter and building long-term financial wealth and eventually independence. Homeownership does come with a lot of responsiblities but buying a home today could be the right choice for you, especially since the home loan interest rates are at an all time low.

I found this website which contains Home Loans and Mortgage Interest Rates to Benefit Homeownership and Interest Rate Information and more for New Jersey – Click Here  Mortgage rates are currently at 50-year lows; however, many eligible borrowers are reluctant to apply for a mortgage because of misinformation about getting one.

For a free rate quote or pre-qualification for a home loan or refinancing, please contact the following Mortgage Company for a variety of home loans personalized for you or log onto my website and click on my partner, Home Bridge Financial, working together to bring “Buyers Home”.


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