Hurricane Survival Guide

Time to Get Ready…
Hazardous weather impacts New Jersey residents on a regular basis. Manyof us have experienced the long-term power outages, flooding, evacuations, property destruction, debris and other impacts to our daily lives that can result from the onset of nature’s fury. We can’t stop the onset of a natural hazard; but there are steps you can take to increase your safety and comfort when adverse conditions occur.

We encourage you to read through this “Hurricane Survival Guide for New Jersey,” and take the actions necessary to secure your family and home. The preparations you make for hurricanes will also help you survive all types of natural disasters.

The first step is to stay informed, via traditional or social media. The second step is to discuss hurricanes and other natural hazards with family members and determine ways to stay close and connected regarding your evacuation plans and locations. Consider those in your family or community who might need extra assistance, due to age or disability, regarding emergency plans. Don’t forget your pets! The third step involves gathering emergency supplies; many of these items can be found around your home.
Get ready now, be an example for others, share this information with those who need it. And thank you for being part of a more prepared New Jersey.



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