Is Anybody hungry?

A business trip brought me to San Francisco recently for a four-day digital video workshop and I got to see the sights while I was there.  The Fisherman’s Wharf area is charming and I was glad to be near the water after leaving Sea Bright NJ.  Travelling to the opposite side of the US – from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, a memorable experience – was a great opportunity for me.

While walking the streets of San Francisco, I noticed many homeless people.  This was very different to see since I do not see any homeless people where I travel in NJ from day to day.  On the day I was leaving San Francisco, I had accumulated quite a bit of food in my hotel room from the day before.  I thought to myself “how can I throw this good food away when there are people on the streets who are hungry?”

I wrapped up all the food neatly and placed it in a plastic bag – i.e., small containers of milk (not opened), bagels, butter packets, bacon, cereal, bananas, can of soda, yogurt, and a few plates, spoons & napkins.  I walked the streets early in the morning in search of someone in need.  Under a canopy on the Wharf I spotted several homeless people – I walked over and held up the bag of food and said “Is anybody hungry?”  The three people looked a me in disbelief and one of the gentleman scurried towards me and said “yes, I am” – the look on his face will stay with me forever.  A desperate but thankful and humble look.

I returned to Sea Bright NJ and this experience has touched my heart.  I thought, if everyone did a little extra to give away good food to some hungry person the world will be a better place.  Join the “Is Anybody Hungry” Campaign.

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