Protection for Consumers: NCLC

The National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) basically helps consumers by taking complex consumer laws for low-income and vulnerable Americans and using these laws to get justice.  In today’s uneasy economic times, consumers are facing complex economic times full of pitfalls, even for those who have knowledge and the skills to stand up for themselves.  The NCLC believes that all Americans deserve a fair chance in society today.

The NCLC is working steadily for consumer protections – The NCLC has in-depth knowledge of low-income consumer issues and are involved in debating and enforcing policies that protect the consumer.  The NCLC devotes special attention to the problems of immigrants, vulnerable elders, homeowners, welfare recipients, and many other groups.  Courts are used by the NCLC to promote justice by using expert issue identification, legal research and advocacy workshops for legal services.

According to their website, the NCLC has had a significant impact on the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, federal truth in lending law, low-income home energy assistance program and, especially, consumer protections in the foreclosure process.  Top priority for NCLC is protecting and providing support on issues involving consumer fraud.  The NCLC does not take cases for or represent individual consumers.  There is a list of lawyers across the United States who specialize in consumer and low income issues.

For further information regarding the National Consumer Law Center click here.

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