Sea Bright NJ Merges Court w/Oceanport NJ

In an article posted in the Asbury Park Press on January 14, 2010 by Carol Gorga Williams, it was noted that Borough officials in Sea Bright will share court services with Oceanport.  This change was motivated about helping out a neighbor rather than of saving money.  I think this is a good move on both Sea Bright and Oceanport’s part.  Sea Bright’s court services is being housed in a trailer which, for years, does not say much for the community.  It looks cheesy and does not portray a professional demeanor especially for a judiciary setting.  If more services were combined with other towns, taxpayers dollars would go a lot further.

According to Superior Court Assignment Judge Lawrence M. Lawson, making improvements to the municipal court office facilities in Sea Bright has been ongoing for about 10 years.  Lawson said “my goal is to bring all the municipal courts in the Monmouth vicinage up to a professional standard so going to court there is a meaningful event and they will respect the judiciary, just as they respect the judiciary when they come to Freehold.”

Interestingly, each court will maintain its own court schedule and will have its own prosecutor, public defenders and judge.  Each will benefit from the other; Sea Bright has video conferencing equipment which means that Oceanport will no longer have to borrow equipment from Tinton Falls.  Small communities coming together will benefit taxpayers all the way around.

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