Price: How Much is Your Home Worth?

You know what the trend is now…If you can’t sell your house with a realtor then sell it yourself.  Yes, that’s right – from realtor to For Sale by Owner.  Over the past two years houses that didn’t sell in the declining market were taken off the market completely; that is after three of four realtors had the listing – each time reducing the price.  During the transition from broker to broker, the sellers were “chasing the market” and now I see FSBO signs on their lawns.  Of course, the prices are way not what they were, but the sellers keep hoping.  And, if a buyer does show up and makes an offer, the seller is fixated on the fact that the buyer is trying to steal the house, after all there is no real estate commission.  When a house is listed for sale through a real estate company the commission is determined by the sale price of the house.  When that house is sold, the selling price is used for comparative market analysis for similar houses that are being marketed for sale. The commission is not deducted off the price and then that price is used as a sale price.  When a buyer tries to buy a FSBO he is thinking that he is getting a bargain because he doesn’t have to pay the commission; and, what is the seller thinking?  That’s right; I’ll make more money because I do not have to pay the real estate fee.  Who is actually right?  There is no winner in this scenario.  When I house for sale is priced right for the market, it will sell whether it is listed by a realtor or if it is a FSBO – plain and simple.  For a “Right Price Analysis” to get your home sold, please contact me.  Also contact me for verification on a price that you were given by someone.  My “Right Price Analysis” is based on facts.

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