Planning to move this spring or summer?  Moving from one house to another is very popular in the spring and summer months.  Many people plan to move when the weather is nice and this is a very busy time for professional movers.  If you are thinking of moving this spring, contact your mover in enough time – at least 6 weeks prior to your targeted moving date.

Scheduling the closing dates can be stressful; planning some overlap time between the closing date of your new home and the closing date of your current home can save you time and money.  Some preparations might be needed to your new home, like cleaning and painting.  It is always best to do some work to a house before you move in since there is no furniture getting in your way.  Arranging for phone, Internet and other utility connections, should be pre-arranged.  Oh, don’t forget the change of address form that you will need to fill out at your local post office.

One more important tip that is high on my list is be sure to pack a box of essentials, i.e., telephone, change of clothes, medications, toiletries, and some pots and pans to get you through the first days in your new home.  Unpacking can be overwhelming so a small box of familiar items close at hand can go a long way in helping you stay calm.

Hire a cleaning company to clean your new house – wipe out cabinets and cupboards, wash the floors, vacuum and scour bathrooms.  Moving into your new home is an exciting time but when the house is already cleaned makes it all that more exciting.  First thing to do is to make up your beds and put plenty of clean towels in the bathrooms.  This way you will get a good night sleep and be able to take a shower after unpacking the rest.  Getting your new home into shape takes time so enjoy the move.

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